Robben Ford performing live with Jeff McErlain Group at Music Masters Camps, NY. Robben Ford - g, Jeff McErlain - g, Kip Reed - b, Hari Ganglberger - d. Many thanks to Jeff McErlain, Tracey Farmer and Alex Regl for video support!
live performance from the opening night of Robben Ford Guitar Dojo August 2017 at Music Masters Camps, NY. Composition and video by Jeff McErlain. Sound: Giovanni Fusco. Jeff McErlain - git, Kip Reed - bass, Hari Ganglberger - drums

live performance at Robben Ford Music Masters Camp . Full Moon Resort, NY. Sept. 2015. Robben Ford and Jeff McErlain - guit, Kip Reed - bass, Hari Ganglberger - drums

Live from with Robben Ford, Jeff McErlain and Kip Reed

"Dance to Reason" CD Release Party Visuals: Sofy Yuditskaya

diNMachine featuring Black Saturn live at Le Poisson Rouge, NYC 9/29/15

Kassini / Just Like Me

Mastered Version 

by Benton-C Bainbridge

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